Tuition Information

Currently I offer two lengths of lessons:

1 hour one to one - £25

1/2 hour one to one - £15

I have a range of students coming for both of these lengths, and both have different benefits.

While there is no doubt that a full hour enables me to give a much more detailed lesson, some younger students may find the full hour to be a little too much in terms of concentration. As a general rule, I recommend an hour for students of Secondary age and above, and a 1/2 hour for students below that age.

At the moment, I travel to student's homes for lessons.

For a lesson, you will need as a minimum, a guitar of some sort. If you are using an electric guitar then you will ideally have an amp of some kind, as well as a guitar lead to enable you to actually plug in. If you are unsure of this then I can advise.

My cancellation policy goes as so:

Please pay special attention to this section, as it has been introduced due to a number of recent 'no-shows' and last minute cancellations. When I am working as a travelling tutor, then please understand that when a lesson is arranged then it needs to be stuck to!

Lessons are payable in monthly periods (so either 4 or 5 lessons) in the first week of the month. Lessons are non refundable but I will always try to re-arrange (bear in mind that this isn't always possible as I'm fairly full at the moment). If you are going away then let me know at the beginning of the month and don't pay for the lesson.

Lessons can be paid for either by cash or cheque at the start of the month, or by direct debit if you are into online banking.

Also bear in mind that I can't hold a lesson slot open for long periods (aside from when you go away on holiday of course) and will give away a slot that I feel isn't being used enough. This is just to ensure that I make enough money on every available slot to be able to make a living.
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